DLM is a Green Company and practices water conservation

Water is our world’s most precious resource. A healthy grass lawn typically requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year. The average size of lawn is approximately 800-1000 sq. ft. That is 55,000 gallons of water each year that you could save and conserve by installing artificial turf in your yard.

We take our water conservation efforts into yards that do have real lawns as well. We try to implement a watering schedule as best as we can to use as little water as possible. Also, by cutting grass at a height of 2”-3” rather than having a 1” crew cut lawn. Not only will the longer length help keep moisture in the soil, but the taller blades can shade your soil to keep it at a lower temperature and to again, assist with water retention in the ground—requiring you to irrigate your lawn less frequently.

Another way of Drager Land Management being green is that we utilize e-mail invoicing to reduce paper usage. We go paperless with most of our suppliers and other companies that we use, and try to encourage our customers to go paperless with us, which allows our customers to receive e-mailed estimates and invoices. We also have an easy to use online payment system to reduce on mailing checks.



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